7 Worst Crashes At Talladega Speedway

The 7 Worst Crashes At Talladega Speedway written by: temohawi Talladega is a city in Talladega county in the state of Alabama. Of the many attractions the city is known for, what normally comes to mind at the mention of this beautiful city is Talladega Superspeedway. Originally known as the Alabama International Motor Superspeedway, this is a motorsports complex located north of Talladega.

Constructed in the 1960s by the International Speedway Corporation, this tri-oval track is mostly known for its steep banking and the unique location of the start/finish line – located just past the exit to pit road. Being the longest NASCAR oval, the track currently hosts the NASCAR series such as The Sprint Cup Series, The Xfinity Series and The Camping World Class Series.

Like any other motorsports speedway, Talladega has had its fair share of drama characterized by tragic crashes, and the following are the seven worst crashes at this speedway.

#7 – Tony Stewart Crash on the 2012 fall race

Leading the October 2012 Fall race, Stewart was turned over by Michael Walltrip who himself got a huge push from Casey Smears. Running 4-wide 4 deep, the whole pack piled onto the wreck, except for Matt Kensenth and two others who made it through. Given the fact that all this happened in the last lap, Kenseth easily cruised to victory.

#6 – Elliot Sadler Flip at the fall racein 2013

Elliot Sadler left his mark on the Talladega speedway with a spectacular high flying wreck at the fall racein 2013. As a three-by-three-by-three was heading for the final laps, Sadler made some contact with Kurt Busch that made him tumble down the track, then into the grass near the bottom of turn three. With all the flips and turns, he was lucky to get away unscathed.

#5 – Rusty Wallace Crash at the 1993 Winston 500

Rusty Wallace was sent flying and spinning into the air when the Intimidator, in an unnecessary move, chose to place the bumper to Walace heading towards the checkers. Wallace came down and barrel-rolled severally on the grass, with the car getting ripped off all over, but was lucky to have escaped any serious injury.

#4 – Jimmy Horton Fly over the wall in 1993

The year 1993 witnessed an unconventional exit from the tracks by one celebrated driver, Jimmy Horton. A tire failure suffered by another driver going into turn-one impacted Horton on his right side, thus sending him rolling up the track and over the wall, coming to rest on the other side of the banking. He too was lucky to have escaped uninjured.

#3 – Carl Edwards Crash in 2009

Carl Edwards was heading towards the checkered flag when he allowed his tandem pusher, and all hell broke loose. With Brad Kesellowski on the inside, Carl cut down, and then began spinning. Ryan Newman then came along and crashed the tumbling Edwards, sending him onto the front-area stretch grandstand. Thanks to the catch fence, Edwards was kept on track, but after injuring quite a few fans.

#2 – Ricky Craven Crash in 1996

Ricky Craven had one of his longest days on the track in the Spring-event of 1996 when his car got launched onto the catch fence as he was passed below by the pack. Scary as it looked, Craven sustained minor injuries, from which he would quickly recover.

#1 – Bobby Alison’s Crash in 1987

Heading into the tri-oval at over 200 mph, a tire failure suffered by Bobby Alison sent his car flying onto the catch fence along the front-area stretch. Many fans got injured as a result.

Thrilling as it may, safety is a fact that cannot be wished away when planning a major motor race, at least not in Talladega Speedway, thanks to its crash history.

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